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    Not right away, but they are working on it. Probably because advertisers use hashtags in their commercials, which drives traffic to twitter. 

    Right now, I get annoyed seeing hashtags in people’s Facebook statuses (unless imported from Instagram or Twitter), but this is probably because they serve NO function. Let’s see what Facebook does with this… 

    Do you agree with me? Are you ok with this, since they’ll have a purpose? Or do you think it will just be annoying?

    What do you think?

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    2. briannaow answered: I completely agree! I hate when my friends use pointless hashtags on Facebook. Facebook needs to integrate hashtags!
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      I think this could be an awesome move, only if they’re searchable!
    4. rpimpsner answered: No please no hashtags
    5. laviedemer answered: I think Facebook is overall annoying. BUT I have great respect for everyone that works for Fb.
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